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Be social! A website alone is not anough these days. Press Release engines and social networks are indispensable for promoting your company in conjunction with your site. Keeping those things updated is not too hard. Will be glad to offer a free consultation.

Renew your website! An old website can be like an old shirt - it may be worn out, but feels so reassuring and comfortable. Renewing it just seems too much trouble... for you that is! As to the rest of us, a fresh look will always win the voteWe can help getting you excited about the rebirth of your id online. Its like getting a new car, but a lot cheaper. So don't wait for some pushy car (ahem, website) saleseman and make an early move yourself.

Some believe that to please their serious customers their website must display the highest degree of visual grumpiness. However, if we take a look at most respected news and financial industry sites, we see that a little design flair plays a big part in making them unique. That, despite large numbers of very grumpy people who visit those sites!

Keep your fire going! Keep the spark by creating valuable new content as often as you can. Google ratings are built around the novelty factor. We can help out here as well.

Is your website protected? Does someone backup it up regularly? Whatever is the case, we've seen worse. That's why we suggest our customers use the same trouble-proof hosting service as we do (they are earthquake-proof as well). Read more here. We offer backup services, hacker and virus protection as well.

You can always request a free consultation or just chat with us: 514 703 9239 (Montreal).
Work done for non-canadian residents is TAX FREE!

Selected happy clients:
New York electronic medical records distributor:

New York company offering marketing analysis services and software:

Yuri Groiss, Montreal based massage teacher and professional:

New York based Orthodox Christian community's Online Social Network:

Artist's portfolio:

New York based independant advertising agent:



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